Tips for Surviving the Pacific Northwest Wilderness

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Ah the Pacific Northwest! Such a beautiful yet sometimes very rugged place. The Pacific Northwest has become a mecca for adventurers from all over the world. With the influx of visitors has come an increase of accidents and tragedy’s. This isn’t meant to discourage anyone from going out there and exploring, but it’s more to help understand the danger’s, and what you need to be prepared for pretty much anything.  

The Pacific Northwest is a region in North America that Lies in the west bordered by the Pacific Ocean on the west, stretches all the way to Western Montana to the east, South into Northern California, and all the way up north through British Columbia and Southeast Alaska. It covers a lot of land with many different types of landscapes. From the beautiful coastline to the majestic mountain ranges. Desert terrain and beautiful rivers and lakes throughout. It is basically the outdoor adventurer’s version of Disneyland. The activities available are pretty much limitless! From Backpacking along one of the many trails, to whitewater rafting down one of the many wild rivers, kayaking on one of the beautiful lakes or along the coastline in Beautiful British Columbia. Exploring caves, whale watching, Hunting or Fishing, the list goes on. Whatever your pleasure is or maybe you want to try something new to cross off of your bucket list. Whatever the case may be, you need to make sure that you are prepared for anything. A day of fun and adventure could turn into a life or death situation in a heartbeat! Make sure you have adequate gear if you are going to camp, and no matter how long or far the adventure is, definitely have a Survival kit! 

Being prepared is definitely something not to be taken for granted. Pretty much every part of the Pacific Northwest can get very dangerous, very quickly! The weather can also change and fluctuate. Even in the summer, it can be very warm during the day and still get quite cold at night. If something happens and for instance you get lost and your day trip turns into an overnight trip, it may not end well! It is recommended that you carry a well rounded survival kit with anything you may need if you happen to get into a sticky situation. If you aren’t sure where to find a good quality survival kit, places like DayOne Gear have some of the best ones out there! You should at least carry these items if nothing else. A lighter or some kind of device to start a fire. An emergency blanket or warm clothing, even in the summer. Water or a water filtration device. A Survival Knife, and freeze dried food. At least with this list of items, you will be able to sustain yourself for a few days. Obviously with the lighter you can build a fire to keep warm, cook or boil water, signal for help. The knife is probably your  most valuable tool with many uses. From cutting materials to make a shelter, to possibly putting your dinner on the fire. Some other items you can use to help in an emergency situation are threads from your clothes for fishing line or fire starter. If you have a can, you can make a fishhook from the tab. Basically use your head and the resources at hand to keep yourself safe and alive. Another recommended item that you should carry with you is a whistle, or some other device that’s easy to carry and can get someones attention. If something happens like taking a big fall, you would have a better chance of getting someones attention. 

So what do you do if you end up in a sticky situation and you have limited supplies on you? This is when it’s time to take a deep breath and be resourceful! There are plenty of natural things you can use to help you survive. Even if you are in the middle of the desert, you can find rocks or sticks. With some imagination, you can create shelter, weapons, find sticks and brush for a fire, etc.. Some good advice would be to read some books about survival tactics, and books on native plant’s that could be used for food and medicine. 

Basically to sum it up, use common sense and be prepared. Plan your adventure out as much as possible. You really can’t be over prepared when your life could depend on it. it’s advised to carry a well rounded survival kit that would meet your needs. You can create your own kit as well. Research the area you plan to explore. The terrain and the weather, and pack accordingly.

The Pacific Northwest is a beautiful place to visit! The activities and adventures are pretty much endless. Whatever your favorite outdoor hobby is, it can be found here. Maybe try something new that you have always wanted to experience. Just use your head and be prepared for the worst. It’s one of the most beautiful places on the planet, but can also be one of the most dangerous! Be ready for anything because it’s better to be safe than sorry.https://bit.ly/30jfItC





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July 21, 2019


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