Meet the CEO and understanding our mission at Survivalmart24x7

Hello, and thanks you for stopping by Survivalmart24x7.com. A little bit about me, and why I wanted to start this website, and what I want to provide my visitor’s and customers. My name is Brett Oleman (that’s my ugly mug below) and I was born and raised in Central Oregon’s backcountry. Growing up, I spent lots of time in the outdoors with family and friends. Pretty much every weekend we would either be out camping, hunting, fishing, riding motorcycles, you name it. It was a great childhood, and much different than the age of technology we have today. As I got older, my adventures have gotten bigger. I have hiked most of the Pacific Crest trail. Hiked and hunted deep in Alaska and Canada. Trips deep in The Idaho backcountry. Sometimes for a few weeks at a time. I still love taking these adventures, and I have many more places That I want to see! I have had a few close calls getting lost or not being properly prepared when sudden and unsuspecting weather hits. Through all of these experiences, I have learned what kind of survival gear and Emergency kits are important to carry with you just in case. Better safe than sorry! 

Survival can mean more than just having your survival gear, or Emergency kit packed on your next outdoor adventure. The times we live in are crazier than ever! Which brings me to my next favorite hobby/passion. For the last few years I have been studying Martial Arts and self Defense. One of my goals is to teach my own style which I am developing. It is a hybrid mixed with Wing Chun Kung Fu which I currently study, and Koto Ryu which is A brutal Samurai Jujitsu style. I have been teaching my daughter (pictured below putting a hurtin on me lol) and looking forward to having my own school some day. The area we live in really has a problem with human trafficking, abductions, rapes, assaults, and occasionally murders. My goal is to help prepare people mostly women and children with the tools they need to defend themselves just in case the worst happens. So what I have decided to do is combine my two passions and create a website that offers both products and tutorials to help educate people in the art of Survival.

To sum up what are goals and intentions are with Survivalmart24x7.com, I have searched high and low to find the very best high quality products at a very competitive price. Whether you are looking for survival gear, Emergency kits, camping and hiking gear, self defense and personal protection items, knives, GPS trackers, fire starters, flashlights, you get the idea. I have put them all here in one place. I strive to give great products and great customer service to make sure your experience here is top notch! I will also be adding video tutorials for the self defense items and techniques to help you protect yourself just in case the worst happens, heaven forbid. I will also add videos for product reviews and how to use them. So go ahead and take a look around. I hope you like what you see, and find something you can use! So that’s me and my mission. Thank you

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